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  • We cover basic botany topics, soil amendment, perennial and annual gardens, trees, shrubbery, fruits and vegetables, lawns, common pests, companion planting, plant diseases, classification of plants 
  • Learn how to create backyard/school habitats to help species such as pollinators and amphibians
  • Maintain the school garden
  • Working to expand the garden
  • School beautification projects
  • Students encouraged to develop and maintain gardens at their homes and share the gardening experience with family members
  • Students learn about agriculture, nutrition, and making healthier food choices
  • Incorporate student grown fruits and vegetables into the school nutrition program




Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are celebrating Earth Day this spring by participating in the 12th Annual Neighborhood Forest free tree program, whose aim is to provide free trees to kids every Earth Day. 

Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has reached over 60,000 families and planted over 30,000 (mostly urban and residential) trees through the hands of children and parents across North America.

We are excited to be participating in this wonderful program that teaches kids stewardship through the magic and wonder of planting and watching trees grow.

Please fill out the online registration form by March 8th and receive a free tree (6-12 inches in size) during Earth Week (April 22-30).

Trees will be delivered to the school and the SMS Garden Club will get the trees in the hands of your children on or around Earth Day (April 22nd).

Planting instructions and species information will be emailed a few days prior to the trees arriving.  

Register to receive a free tree for Earth Day to plant with your child:

Visit,  the SMS facebook page, or the Saluda Middle School website.

Thank you for your support and participation! 

~SMS Garden Club

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