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Interim Distance Learning (IDL)

Saluda Middle School

IDL Guidelines and Expectations

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Remote Learning

As our students transition to Interim Distance Learning (IDL) at Saluda Middle School, we need to be mindful of appropriate behavior when using video conferencing and two-way communication applications such as Google Meet. Our positive school climate must extend into our new reality with remote learning. Please help your student(s) maintain this climate by adhering to the following:

Attendance and Participation Expectations

Your student(s) will be expected to attend virtual classes and complete all assignments on a daily basis.  Their time on IDL is not to be treated as time away from teaching and learning.  Students will be expected to log in for their assigned classes and to submit all assignments before the teacher-assigned deadline.  Students will access their Google Classroom daily as they would in their face to face classroom each day.  Our goal is to continue with business as usual for our students no matter what their location.

Students are to be present, on time, and to remain in the virtual classroom for the length of the class.  Students should have their cameras turned on and should be actively engaged in the class activities.

Be respectful and school-appropriate at all times

Please monitor your student(s), as much as possible, as they access the online learning environment. Be mindful that live lessons are 60 minutes or less, so students need to refrain from disrespectful or disruptive behavior in the virtual classroom. Teachers reserve the right to mute students whose behavior interrupts the learning environment.

Be present and mindful of others

Please prepare your student(s) to be engaged in the virtual learning classroom prior to each live lesson. It may be helpful for students to have a good breakfast or snack prior to morning lessons and a good lunch or snack prior to afternoon lessons. Encourage your student(s) to use the bathroom prior to logging into each lesson to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Practice active listening

Active participation in a virtual learning environment can be tricky as only one voice can come through at a time. Students may use the chat feature to type questions or comments during a live lesson. Please help your student(s) get used to this feature and to the virtual learning environment by either talking with your student(s) about how it works or hosting your own Google Meet with your student(s) from different rooms in your house. Teach students how to mute themselves, use the chat feature, and how to enter into conversations by waiting for a pause in the discussions.

Be punctual

Because live lessons will be less than 60 minutes, please make sure to log in a few minutes prior to the start time of the lesson. This will allow lessons to start on time and give students the best learning experience possible. If your student is unable to attend a lesson, please email his/her teacher so the teacher is not concerned about your student’s lack of attendance. Teachers will be recording their lessons and sharing them with their classroom families. Of course, it is best for students to participate in the live lessons in most cases, but we do understand that this will not always be possible.

Be aware of your surroundings

Find a place in your residence that is free from distractions where you can also be comfortable and focus on connecting with your class. Be mindful of your surroundings and what may be seen while you are on video and remove noisy distractions like pets, TV, video games, and music. Help your student(s) learn to mute their microphone when not speaking.

Internet and Connectivity

Students assigned to IDL are expected to login each day to participate in virtual classes and to complete their assignments.  However, we are aware that not every household has access to the internet within their home.  If you do not have access at home, please read the graphic below for local institutions that are willing to allow your student to use their internet:


Our IDL students will rely heavily on technology to allow them to continue learning during their extended absence from school.  Issues will arise from time to time outside of your student’s control due to connectivity or hardware malfunctions.  If these occur, please make sure that your student reaches out to the teacher as quickly as possible so that we can get them back into the classroom.

Speak clearly

Help your student(s) practice speaking clearly in the virtual classroom setting. This may take some practice, as many students don’t always have an understanding of how their voice sounds through a microphone. Have some fun practicing this with your student(s) and getting them used to hearing themselves speak into a microphone prior to joining a virtual classroom.

Respect privacy

As you support your student’s remote learning, please be mindful of the privacy of other students in the class. Students will require time to adjust to this environment and may forget they are on camera and do or say something silly. Please encourage your student(s) to be especially patient and empathetic to others as they learn and grow as remote learners.

Recording of class activities by anyone other than the teacher on Google Meet is prohibited

Neither the student nor parent may record, share, or alter the content of live class-related activities.

Students may not record any live activity with other students when that activity is for the purpose of school-related work unless express permission is provided by a school official. In cases where a teacher does record a class lesson, he or she will make that recording available only to the students in the school. This posting will happen through secure means. Any sharing of that recording by anyone other than a school official is prohibited.

Dress appropriately

Though we understand that remaining in your homes encourages a more relaxed dress code than the school environment, please follow the dress code guidelines in order to create a learning environment free of distractions. If your student(s) would not wear something to school, he/she should not wear that item during a live lesson.

If you have questions about these guidelines and expectations, please contact Principal Christopher Seay at

 [email protected]