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ID Badge Policy

Saluda Middle School students, teachers, administration, support staff, volunteers, and visitors are required to wear
identification (ID) cards at all times while on school grounds. They must be worn around the neck and outside of clothing. ID’s are not permitted to be altered in any way. Any student altering their ID from its original form will have their ID confiscated and be required to purchase another ID at a cost of $5.00 in the media center. If a student does not have their ID, they may (1) purchase a temporary ID for $1.00, (2) purchase a new ID card for $5.00, or (3) be assigned 1 hour of after-school detention and given a temporary ID if they do not have the payment with them. Students not wearing their ID properly are subject to the following consequences:

1st - 2nd Warning/Student Conference (Parents contacted on 2nd offense)

3rd - 5th After-School Detention

6th - 7th Work Detail

8th - 10th In-School Suspension

11th & above Out of School Suspension

We stress the importance of wearing ID badges for safety/identification purposes. In addition, badges are used by students for lunch, library books, and will be scanned by staff to reward PBIS points and rewards.