Please fill out the online registration form by March 8th and receive a free tree (6-12 inches in size) during Earth Week (April 22-30).

Trees will be delivered to the school and the SMS Garden Club will get the trees in the hands of your children on or around Earth Day (April 22nd).

"The South Carolina Floodwater Commission is launching an ambitious effort to plant three million trees- Assisted by students from every school in the state, volunteers, countries, cities, and private sector partners - On Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 2021.


Dubbed "Power Plant SC," the state wide project will be the largest single -day tree planting event in American History. The Commission has assembled a coalition of public, private, and non-profit environmental partners to raise awareness about the importance of trees to human and environmental health, not the least of which is the mitigation of disastrous flooding."