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First, please see the links provided below if you would like to tune in for our grade level awards ceremonies on YouTube. We are still restricting physical attendance of the events on our campus this year due to COVID 19 and want to make sure everyone has a way to watch our students and teachers celebrate. While we can’t safely have you with us in person this year and our campus is still closed to visitors during the school day, we do look forward to returning to normal next year and having you with us once again to celebrate in 2022.
Second, our students are working hard to make sure that all of their assignments are completed and that they have submitted everything for the school year. Many still have a lot of work to do so please keep checking with them each night so that we can help them finish out a successful school year. Grades are up to date in Parent Portal so please check behind them each day and keep them moving towards the finish line.
Third, some of our families received Summer School letters due to their student’s grades. Please remember that students will be required to attend summer school only if they are failing one or more classes for the year. If you received a letter but your student’s grades have come up, then you may disregard the invitation. However, if your student is still failing at the end of the year please reach out to let us know if you will need transportation provided during Summer School even if you didn’t receive an invitation letter. Summer School will begin on June 21st at 9:00 AM.
Last but not least, the end of the school year is always an exciting time but our students are still learning and growing each day. Please make sure that they are dressing appropriately for school and that they remember to follow school rules as we finish the year. Sometimes it is hard to keep that in mind with the summer so close at hand.
Have a great day and Go Tigers!

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